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Paul and Jeanie Clark are now the new owners.  It is the start of the spring season and we are busy planting annuals, potting trees and shrubs and moving plants out of their winter beds.  Stop in and say Hi to Paul and Jeanie and Lucy and Ike our hard working greeter and see what is new or in bloom.  .




Exceptionally large, profuse, large creamy white flowers. 6 plus inches in size that will almost cover the tree.  Strawberry like fruit in the fall and wonderful fall colors.  Vigorous grower and a high resistance to diseases. Dense branching growing 15-18' with a rounded head, wider than tall.

Where to Find Us:

Clarks Greenhouse and Nursery LLC

DBA: Purkey's Nursery 
7184 Stanley Rd 
Flushing MI  48433

Phone: 810 659-2262

Cell:  810-247-5547


1/2 mile west of Elms Rd

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