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Purkey's Nursery 

Specialty Evergreens

Specimen evergreens can be used to create a focal point in your landscape garden with their unique characteristics, forms, textures and even colors.  Purkey's Nursery carries many distinctive varieties, including pom-poms, spirals, weepers, and evergreens on standards.  You are sure to find something that makes you stop and take a second look.

Pom-pom Scotch Pine and weeping Norway Spruce.


Oriental pom-pom and spiral Junipers.




Globe Blue Spruce on a standard.


Pom-pom Junipers



Spiral Juniper


Weeping Norway Spruce


Weeping White Pine


Where to Find Us:

Clarks Greenhouse and Nursery LLC

DBA: Purkey's Nursery 
7184 Stanley Rd 
Flushing MI  48433

Phone: 810 659-2262

Cell:  810-247-5547


1/2 mile west of Elms Rd

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