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Ornamental Grasses

From tiny Blue Fescue to soaring Maiden grasses, ornamental grasses offer contrasting forms and different textures to the landscape with their strong vertical or arching habit and feathery flower heads. Their graceful stems sway gently in the breeze to add movement in the garden and striking autumn and winter displays.

Soft, pink, feathery flowers spikes of a Karley Rose Fountain Grass.


Ornamental grasses in the nursery on a misty morning.



Blue Fescue

Low tufted clumps of bright blue, fine textured foliage.


Fountain Grass

Popular group of grasses with feathery flower spikes and cascading habit. 



Variegated, banded, wide or narrow foliage with big bushy plumes: there are so many unique characteristics of the "maiden grass". 


Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass

Narrow upright habit with wheat colored seed heads.


Red Switch Grass

Dramatic fall color! The blue-green summer foliage turns to burgundy-red with airy rose tinted flower panicles in the fall.



Zebra Grass

Gold horizontally banded blades create a great accent plant.


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