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Flowering Trees

Flowering trees provide exclamation points in your landscape and are excellent for color, filtered shade and wildlife. 

Balled and burlapped flowering Crabapples and shade trees ready for your landscape.



Smaller potted flowering Crabapples.



Flowering Crab

Bright beautiful flowers in the spring with colorful fruit in the fall and winter. 




Magnificent in flower with a small shrub-like habit.



Ornamental Flowering Pear

Loaded with white flowers in the spring and nice fall color.



Amelanchier Serviceberry

A native tree with white flowers in the spring, berries the birds love in the summer plus great fall color. 


Weeping Cherry

A graceful weeping habit with white or pink flowers in spring.



A multi-seasonal small tree for a protected, part-shade area of your garden.



Distinct flowers bloom in the spring before the heart-shaped leaves appear.

Lavender Twist is the new weeping form.


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