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Flowering Shrubs

We have listed just a few of the many different flowering shrubs we carry.  Sun or part shade, ground cover to large shrubs, there are so many choices. Choose them for beautiful flowers, gorgeous fall color, even winter interest.  Stop by all summer long to see what's in bloom.

View across the nursery with hydrangeas just getting ready to pop.



Non-stop color with easy care Flower Carpet Roses.




Crimson Pygmy

Golden Nugget

Rose Glow

Royal Burgundy

Velvet Pillar

Can't beat the beautiful burgundy color of a barberry.





A must have for butterfly gardens.

Lo & Behold is a new dwarf series.





A delicate shrub with countless small white flowers in spring and burgundy fall color.

Creamedge Dogwood

Ivory Halo

Silver & Gold




Prized for its bright yellow flowers that announce spring is finally here.


Sprouting white bottle brush flowers in spring and great fall color make this a versatile shrub.

Annabelle Hydrangea

The classic Annabelle hydrangea with huge white blooms mid-summer.

Endless Summer Hydrangea

The Endless Summer hydrangea has large 8-10" blooms that can be either pink or blue depending on your soil ph.  Blooms on old and new growth.

Pinky Winky Hydrangea

Pinky Winky is just one of the new varieties of hydrangeas we carry.  Choose from Limelight, Quick Fire, Little Lamb or Invincibelle Spirit.

Dwarf Lilacs

Sugar Plum Fairy, Tinkerbelle and Dwarf Korean Lilac are all dwarf varieties.

French Lilac

Everyone loves the fragrance of these old-fashioned beauties.



A great plant for contrast sporting reddish-purple foliage with white button-like blooms.



Yellow, pink or white, this is one of the few plants that flower all summer long.



Rose of Sharon

A great choice for exotic late-summer color.



Flower Carpet Rose

Choose from pink, red, coral, or white flowers for non-stop color all summer long on an easy care spreading rose.



With spring leaf color, summer flowers, fall color, large or small: there are a lot of lovely spireas.




Featuring spicy scents, snowball flowers, berries and beautiful fall color, viburnums provide four season interest.




The versatile Weigela is small or tall with bright trumpet-shaped flowers and great leaf colors.



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